Monday, April 9, 2012


I started soccer in (when did I start soccer, mom?) March of this year.  My first soccer practice was fun.  It was super funny because Tyler, on my team, kept on saying "There's a T for Tyler".  (mom typed this first part, now Lauren is going to type... )
on thrday we went to the wild animal park i got a btrki (butterfly) on my back i wus scared.  (mom taking over again)
When the butterfly went on my back I didn't know.  My sister told me.  I turned my head and saw it right there below my shoulder on the back.  I thought it was going to climb on my shoulder.  It would fly away if I touched it.  The end.

People are calling me Lauren T. I don't like it, it is making me feel sad.  Only at school it doesn't make me feel sad because I have to be called Lauren T because I have two Laurens in my class - lauren t and lauren m.  People call me Lauren T when I'm at home, not at school and I don't like that.