Friday, March 1, 2013

on Wednesday!

on wezday i got to do fechs I had fun.i pad  Cadlad


Yesterday I had my Patriotic performance.  My family thought I was so good.  I was proud of myself.  Then we went home and we ate dinner and went to bed.  I don't want to tell you about the meltdown I had over dinner.  I didn't eat dinner at all, because I don't like to eat dinner.  I don't like any dinner food, I just like junk food. (mom is typing this, but these are Lauren's words!)  Yesterday I also had an art lesson by Ms. Renee, she is somebody's grandma in my class (his name is Graham).  We learned how to mix colors, we learned the secondary colors.  We got to paint a lot of stuff, it was relaly fun.  We didn't get all messy in our red, white and blue clothes for the patriotic performance.
Today I drew a big smiley face in the middle of the street and wrote my name on it, then I made rosy red cheeks out of chalk and I was so proud of it.  So I wanted to show all my friends but I couldn't because we were just playing outside tonight.  Everybody was already at their houses and I couldn't have any playdates because I was already playing with Sofia Wetherhold.   I did water balloons today - my mom helped us pump some up.  My friends, Abby and Sofia, came over.  I showed Abby my password journal.  A couple days ago, I got my password journal - the password is "Lauren" but nobody can get into it even if you say "Lauren" because it only can read my voice.  I brought it in for sharing once and I let somebody else try, but they didn't work.  I also brought in my skating bag for sharing once. I  do skating every single Wednesday.  I started lessons when I was 4, but I started skating when I was 3.  My sisters don't skate because they are doing volleyball right now.  They do basketball and volleyball and soccer.  I get bored of seeing all those games, so I have to bring something to do.  It is really, really, really boring.  My mom says it's fun, but it's not fun to me.
(Lauren is typing now)
today I also did A test for speing I got sked.

( I think that reads I also did a test for spelling, I got scared)

Monday, April 9, 2012


I started soccer in (when did I start soccer, mom?) March of this year.  My first soccer practice was fun.  It was super funny because Tyler, on my team, kept on saying "There's a T for Tyler".  (mom typed this first part, now Lauren is going to type... )
on thrday we went to the wild animal park i got a btrki (butterfly) on my back i wus scared.  (mom taking over again)
When the butterfly went on my back I didn't know.  My sister told me.  I turned my head and saw it right there below my shoulder on the back.  I thought it was going to climb on my shoulder.  It would fly away if I touched it.  The end.

People are calling me Lauren T. I don't like it, it is making me feel sad.  Only at school it doesn't make me feel sad because I have to be called Lauren T because I have two Laurens in my class - lauren t and lauren m.  People call me Lauren T when I'm at home, not at school and I don't like that. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

January update.

I like grandma.  She gave us new pajamas for Christmas and I like grandma.  We came home on Monday in 2010.   Lauren (me) and Mia played in the snow together.  We were trying to go sledding but we couldn't.  We were in hte middle of playing and my sisters were going to go sledding and I went, too.  It was so much fun.  I liked it.  I loved it, too.  I went so fast on the snowy day when I went sledding by myself and I went to the hotel in St. George.  I had hot chocolate in the morning for breakfast and Fruit Loops.  I like Fruit Loops so much.  We didn't stay for very long.
Yesterday night we went to Pei Wei and I hated it.I tried the chicken but I didn't like it, but I ate two chickens.  I tried using my chopsticks but it didn't work for me.  I like going with my nani and getting some ice cream for dessert.  For dessert tonight I am going to have it. 
by lauren. (lauren typed this last line herself)

Friday, March 12, 2010

I really want my mom to do a puzzle with me. My mom picked to do a puzzle because we wanted to have fun (editor's note - also becuase I wouldn't allow her to watch tv this morning because she was being rude saying, "turn on the tv NOW"). I wetted my bed two times, and one night I didn't pee my pants. It was yesterday. Last night when I woke up I didn't feel any pee coming out. That's it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010

I'm going skating next time Jani has work. I'm happy because I get to go and then I get to know how to skate. And I've been on a tire swing before. When my sister, Brooke, was practicing her soccer game they had a tire swing there. Me and Ashley - they had at the bottom of a slide there was a shape of a puzzle piece. Granddaddy died. I was supposed to cry but I didn't have enough time becuase we had to leave on time when we were where granddaddy was buried. He was buried in a cave, right? (discussion ensues about where granddaddy was buried and why they have those things on them with names on them). I miss my granddaddyMommy, I can type something down. OK.toA[]c f]g567
Lauren "What does that say" me "gibberish", Lauren, "hey, that's cool, we'll just take turns typing like that"

I get to have a tv in my room for a day and a night because I ate my lasagne one night. I like dinner now (editor's note: she still hates dinner). Once I try dinner I will eat all of it so I can havce a treat tonight. My treat is going to be ice cream with strawberries.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday update

We are watching "So You Think You Can Dance" with my baby brother. He smiled at me when I was folding the clothes. Because I wanted him to smile at me every day, but we wanted him to go to sleep (this is because mom is always telling her to leave him alone, especially when he is supposed to be sleeping!) I like to play with my blocks, but right now I am trying to make a building, but my building keeps falling over, but when I was over at Lindsay's house we were making stadiums. lindsay has blocks and we were playing the blocks at lindsay's house and it was so much fun. My sisters were at tennis. One time Coach wasn't there so my mom had to coach my sisters and it was so much fun and my sister's tennis takes a long, long time before my mom can come back to me. I like to play with my blocks at home, I'm playing with them on my dady's tummy. it is so much fun.
One time I wanted to jump on the trampoline while my visiting teaching guys were here {Home Teachers} but nobody would jump on the tramp with me, so I didn't jump on the tramp.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I"m having a princess birthday at Chuck E Cheese with Abby, Lindsay, little Sophia and her mom and her baby brother. My mom told me that my birthday is not my real birthday party {mom's note: I just told her that I haven't actually planned a birthday party for her}. Now she is saying, "Can I just say that tomorrow is my real birthday? it's not actually my real birthday, but I can just call it my real birthday"

We went to Legoland for this Halloween thing. What does Halloween start with? (older girls answer her with H). It starts with H. I really wonder what is in my birthday box - we just got it tomorrow, um, yesterday, before this day and I really want to open it tomorrow. Maybe its the piano I wanted. Actually I want my blog to say I got my blocks at Toys R Us.