Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday update

We are watching "So You Think You Can Dance" with my baby brother. He smiled at me when I was folding the clothes. Because I wanted him to smile at me every day, but we wanted him to go to sleep (this is because mom is always telling her to leave him alone, especially when he is supposed to be sleeping!) I like to play with my blocks, but right now I am trying to make a building, but my building keeps falling over, but when I was over at Lindsay's house we were making stadiums. lindsay has blocks and we were playing the blocks at lindsay's house and it was so much fun. My sisters were at tennis. One time Coach wasn't there so my mom had to coach my sisters and it was so much fun and my sister's tennis takes a long, long time before my mom can come back to me. I like to play with my blocks at home, I'm playing with them on my dady's tummy. it is so much fun.
One time I wanted to jump on the trampoline while my visiting teaching guys were here {Home Teachers} but nobody would jump on the tramp with me, so I didn't jump on the tramp.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I"m having a princess birthday at Chuck E Cheese with Abby, Lindsay, little Sophia and her mom and her baby brother. My mom told me that my birthday is not my real birthday party {mom's note: I just told her that I haven't actually planned a birthday party for her}. Now she is saying, "Can I just say that tomorrow is my real birthday? it's not actually my real birthday, but I can just call it my real birthday"

We went to Legoland for this Halloween thing. What does Halloween start with? (older girls answer her with H). It starts with H. I really wonder what is in my birthday box - we just got it tomorrow, um, yesterday, before this day and I really want to open it tomorrow. Maybe its the piano I wanted. Actually I want my blog to say I got my blocks at Toys R Us.