Friday, March 12, 2010

I really want my mom to do a puzzle with me. My mom picked to do a puzzle because we wanted to have fun (editor's note - also becuase I wouldn't allow her to watch tv this morning because she was being rude saying, "turn on the tv NOW"). I wetted my bed two times, and one night I didn't pee my pants. It was yesterday. Last night when I woke up I didn't feel any pee coming out. That's it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010

I'm going skating next time Jani has work. I'm happy because I get to go and then I get to know how to skate. And I've been on a tire swing before. When my sister, Brooke, was practicing her soccer game they had a tire swing there. Me and Ashley - they had at the bottom of a slide there was a shape of a puzzle piece. Granddaddy died. I was supposed to cry but I didn't have enough time becuase we had to leave on time when we were where granddaddy was buried. He was buried in a cave, right? (discussion ensues about where granddaddy was buried and why they have those things on them with names on them). I miss my granddaddyMommy, I can type something down. OK.toA[]c f]g567
Lauren "What does that say" me "gibberish", Lauren, "hey, that's cool, we'll just take turns typing like that"

I get to have a tv in my room for a day and a night because I ate my lasagne one night. I like dinner now (editor's note: she still hates dinner). Once I try dinner I will eat all of it so I can havce a treat tonight. My treat is going to be ice cream with strawberries.